WordPress Malware Removal Stops Website Hacking

One of our top customers read an article recently and called our representatives and mentioned that his old malware removal company just got hacked. When he went to the site, he was quite amused. This company is a major player, and they cannot help themselves much less their customers. WordPress and Joomla sites are susceptible to attacks if not updated and passwords changed periodically.

Fidobots are commonly used to hack sites by guessing your password from millions of choices and using admin as the username. Believe it or not, these software programs are very successful in breaking into the sites. Some statistics state that over one hundred thousand websites are hacked each month. The numbers are rising. We get calls from customers who are very upset and need an immediate resolution to malware issues, especially if the site is an e- commerce site and they are losing revenue.

The big question is why would someone take the time and effort to hack into a website or maybe even the server and infect one or more sites. The short and simple answer is “profit, ” and they do not want you to know that they have hidden sophisticated programs into the code of your website. The purpose is to control and to receive information that can be beneficial to the hacker. A good example is a hacker using a “keylogger” program to skim credit card numbers, banking information, passwords and other personal types of personal information that you don’t want anyone to have and use. Stolen information is a multi-billion dollar industry all over the world. Once the information has been stolen ( i.e. credit cards), it can be used to purchase goods and obtain cash before the thief can be caught and prosecuted.

If your website has been infected with malware, call an experienced professional so they can repair your infected malware site. Act quickly, this company knows how to remove malware from WordPress the right way so the malware does not spread to other websites you have on your server. We have helped thousands of customers. Please visit our site at https://www.RemoveMalware.net.